buy-ticketsTaste of the Comstock

June 10, 2017
11 a.m. - 4 p.m.


2017logoHistoric Virginia City, Nevada offers up a chance to get a taste of our town’s heritage, from mining history to delicious food and from educational museum tours to whiskey and cigar tasting. Savor the history of the Comstock and relish in the experience of the way it was in its heyday when life was lived in the upper echelon. Lounge in the Whiskey Tent or go on a tasty tour of Virginia City’s finest provisions. Learn about the town’s history through museum exhibits and see real-life mining equipment in action. 

Pick your taste and see what Virginia City has to offer. Tour Options:

Restaurant Tour - More than 20 stops along the way that highlights the flavors of the Comstock. Sample them all! 

VIP Whiskey & Cigars - In an outdoor patio setting re-live history right next to the single-jack mining competition. Experience life in the 1800's all while sampling a superb array of American-born Whiskeys. Also included in your ticket is a cigar of your choice.

History Tour - Explore the rich history of the Comstock. See Mark Twain's desk up close and personal. Explore the history and innovation of firefighting on the Comstock. Get a deeper understanding and appreciation of our ancestors through photos and displays of Virginia City's heyday. This pass includes your admission and donation to participating museums.

Purchase your tickets in advance here.

Want to show your prowess in Single-Jack Drilling? Join the competition and take your skills to the next level. Purse of $1,000! Enter here.


2015 Winners Single-Jack Competition

The single-jack drilling competition was a successs again this year!

1st- Tom Donovan
2nd- Steve MacDonald
3rd- Tim Leedy


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