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Looking forward to your next visit to Virginia City? Ya, we get it.

Travel inspires. Travel gives us a reason to learn something new. Get hands-on. And connect with those around us. Something we have all learned to cherish.

To continue your journey, here are several ways to explore and experience Virginia City right from your device or computer – at least until next time when you can walk our boardwalk again.

Explore Virginia City through one of our numerous virtual options.


Virtual Tours

Audio Series


Virginia City offers an immersive audio experience carved in history dating back to the late 1880s. Learn more as well as listen to audio clips for a narrated journey through our town — a town that was once literally paved in silver ore.

Below The Surface

Video Series


Our trusty wooden sidewalks welcome visitors who come to see this real-life bonanza and see for themselves the legends heard around the world. But it’s the folks that call Virginia City home that make this 1,200-resident town a must stop. Meet some of our real-life characters and go below the surface.

Check Out our Itineraries


Virginia City has a slew of attractions and events to educate, excite, enlighten and turn you into a devoted fan of this Comstock mining town. This is a place where “rags to riches” was a natural path for lucky residents, and now as a visitor, you can join in the fun and adventure.

Read our Quirky Q&As

VC Itineraires

There’s no such thing as a bad question, especially when it comes to Virginia City. Trust us, we’ve heard it all. Here’s some of our favorites for your educational and enjoyment purposes.

Live Webcam

Live Webam

Watch a live video feed of Virginia City’s downtown C Street.

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