A Message From the Chairperson of the Virginia City Tourism Commission

Virginia City is one of only eight historic landmark districts in Nevada, forever holding a place of international importance with its incredibly rich history in pioneering engineering, arts and culture, and the famous 1859 Comstock Lode.  It is a thriving community of historic attractions, local merchants, artists, musicians, writers, government, and proud residents.  The culture and pride of Virginia City and Storey County runs deep.

Storey County, small but mighty, is home to small and large businesses, including the world-class Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, where forward-thinking international corporations have invested in progressive manufacturing, technology, and other industrial facilities.  The development and success of TRI is our modern-day technology boom, infusing the county with new progress, revenue, investment, and expansion, drawing international interest.  While it contrasts with our history in some ways, it also deeply compliments and adds to it as a meaningful chapter in our history and future.

The convergence of our incredible history with present-day contributions through businesses, restaurants, attractions, special events, and the celebration of arts and culture, create an exceptional opportunity for tourism and continuing our legacy.  We are a community of thought leaders and contributors, large and small scale, with local and international influence, all with a goal of preserving, progressing, and succeeding.

Tourism is truly fundamental and critical to our success, creating a foundation for entrepreneurs, preservationists, attractions, and more to build and rely upon.  The Virginia City Tourism Commission is proud to contribute to the success and prosperity of Virginia City, Gold Hill, the surrounding communities in Storey County, and beyond.  We endeavor to do this by implementing a strategic plan designed to invest in infrastructure, expand visitation, and integrate the needs of our business community, cultural and historical places, and community by providing a world-class tourism experience.  We look forward to helping write the next chapters in the history of Storey County and the Comstock.

 A. Perry, Chairperson
Virginia City Tourism Commission


Virginia City Tourism Commission Vision

To be a destination where diverse visitors from the region, nation and world come to experience the authentic history of the Comstock and learn how different cultures came together to initiate the technology, skills, arts, and culture of the next century.

The current Virginia City Tourism Commission Strategic Plan is available here.

Board of Directors

A. Perry, Chairperson, motel representative, Saint Mary’s Art Center
Jay Carmona, Vice Chairman, Storey County Commissioner representative
Paul Hoyle, Board Member, hotel representative
Gretchen Lavach, Board Member, business district representative
Deborah Hayward, Board Member, at-large representative


Todd Tuttle, Tourism Director
Leah Kruse, Events & Assistant Tourism Director
Paul Hoyle, Treasurer
Rebecca Clark, Secretary

Tourism Board Meeting

Tourism Board Meeting packet items will be available for download three days prior to the Virginia City Tourism Commission Board meeting.

Board meeting are held on the second Thursday of each month.

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