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For questions or more information on participation in one of our annual parades, please contact us by email or call the Visitors Center at 775-847-7500.

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*You will receive an email prior to each parade confirming your participation.

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Donations are appreciated and will support our 4th of July Fireworks

To be included in the parade line up, this form must be completed and returned no later than 48 hours prior to the parade start time. Official parade line up will be sent via email 24 hours prior to parade start time.

Parade Rules and Waiver

  1. There will be no lewd, offensive or obscene language or behavior during the parade or event.

  2. All motorized vehicles and equestrian entries must have their own insurance.

  3. Candy may be tossed gently at the curb – not at spectators.

  4. Firearms with blanks may be fired from Flowery to Sutton St. in parade route. All blanks must be high base, those using low base (more powder) will be removed from parade. Participants who plan on shooting MUST notify organizer in advance. There are limited number of shooting entries allowed in each parade.

  5. Those handing out information to spectators must keep up with the parade and cause no delays.

  6. Waiver must be signed

We, the parade entrant as designated above and constituted by our authorized signature below, agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Virginia City Tourism Commission and Storey County from and against all claims, losses, damages, liabilities, judgments of settlements, including reasonable costs, expenses and attorney fees arising out of our participation in the parade. We agree to abide by parade rules stated above. We agree that any photograph taken during the parade may be used for promotional purposes.

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