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Virginia City, NV, there’s no place quite like it!

A program that’s spearheaded by the National Parks Service, there are more than 2,600 National Historic Landmarks in America that range from as little as a historic object or structure, site, or building to entire towns. In San Francisco this could be something as small and mobile as a cable car, or in New York something as large and stationary as Grand Central Station, for instance. As long as the landmark in question represents an exceptional aspect of American history and culture, it can be considered for this esteemed designation. And in Virginia City, what’s happening here is so remarkable that the National Historic District designation protects so many sites and structures it spans nearly the entire town, protecting more than 400 buildings.

There are only 8 National Historic Districts in Nevada borders, and Virginia City’s designation is unquestionably the largest and most prolific, showcasing the Silver State’s most intact (and definitely most impressive) frontier silver mining town, including all that adits and mine shafts that propelled it there. Most other Nevada boomtowns suffered devastating fires, and with not enough mineral prosperities to encourage the townspeople to rebuild and stay, they simply picked up and moved on to the next big boom. Virginia City was no exception and didn’t manage to escape catastrophic fire, in fact a town-razing blaze happened here in 1875, but unlike most other Nevada mining camps, the silver bonanzas were still a-boomin’ in such a way it enticed the population to stay, and rebuild. And rebuild they did.

From the “most beautiful main streets in America”, to the “most beautiful towns in America”, to the “most nostalgic”—well, you get the idea. Virginia City’s Historic C Street is constantly praised as one of the most stunning street scenes out there and it’s all thanks to the Victorian-era titans towering over the downtown area. While some of the occupants may have changed throughout the years, others many have not, operating now as they always have, including beauties like the Storey County Courthouse, Silver Queen Hotel, Bucket of Blood Saloon, and Piper’s Opera House—which beholds the stage where Mark Twain’s very first live performance went down—to name a few. The good news is this: whether you’re on an agenda or casually strolling, you can feel the depth of Virginia City histories no matter where you end up. Just be sure to bring your camera and sense of adventure, then hit the streets. There’s no place else in Nevada (or the country!) quite like it.

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