Silver Award for Virginia City’s Cemetery Gin

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San Francisco 2017 Worlds Spirits Competition awards Cemetery Gin a Silver

It’s no coincidence that Virginia City, legendary for its 1800s silver mining bonanza, and its official spirit Cemetery Gin won a Silver Award at the San Francisco 2017 Worlds Spirits Competition. Silver city, silver award, thereby making it one of the top spirits in its class.

What is a little ironic is the competition’s description of spirit that earn the silver award: “They show refinement, finesse and complexity.” It’s a stark contrast to the gin’s signature slogan, “Guaranteed to embalm you while you are still breathing.” It’s a nod to the history of the Comstock. Rumor had it, that along with gin, death was a frequent visitor in the Virginia City of yesteryear with nearly one funeral a day. That may explain why this bottled local libation is endorsed by the local undertaker’s union. Refined? Hardly. Memorable and delicious? Definitely.

Just ask the spirit mastermind, Tourism Director Deny Dotson, “We have a lot of fun with the name and tying it to our history. But in all seriousness, we are extremely proud to see Cemetery Gin recognized by such a prestigious spirits competition. In 1859, it was said the only way to safely drink the water in Virginia City was to mix it with two parts gin. Today’s Cemetery Gin, laced with lavender and Nevada pine nut, is much better in taste and quality than the swill of the early miners, something that was apparent to the Worlds Spirits Competition judges.”

Cemetery Gin is all 100 percent made and produced in Nevada. The spirt is distilled and bottled by Frey Ranch of Fallon, Nevada, and distributed to Virginia City local watering holes along with retail outlets throughout northern Nevada through Southern Wine and Spirits.

For more information on Virginia City, Nevada and Cemetery Gin visit or call the Virginia City Tourism Commission (VCTC) at 775-847-7500.

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